Intro To Me

Welcome to Badger Musings! True to the name, this is a place for my thoughts about my life, the world, chronic illness, and the cats I love.

I started Badger Musings to rekindle my love of writing. I have multiple conditions, several of which were not diagnosed for almost two decades. Because of this, I have lost a lot in my life and am adjusting to my new everyday. Writing has been something I’ve done my entire life, but I went through a period where I did not write nearly as much as I wanted to. Writing for me is an escape. I express myself best in writing, and love watching the page fill up with my thoughts. So here I am, ready to explore my new life.

As for badgers, I identify with them being a shy, sometimes grumpy, person myself. Additionally, being a Hufflepuff gave me all the more reason to wear my badger pride, and has even helped me in my chronic journey.

So if you’re interested in sticking around, thank you! Let’s explore together.

-Anne the Badger